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Dallas For The Win


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By Brian Kayser

For anyone who thought the Dallas Mavericks weren’t already serious contenders for the championship, think again. The Mavs are in the midst of trading some of their smaller pieces and draft picks for the Celtics’ Rajon Rondo, one of the top point guards in the league.

Rondo’s had no future in Boston. Last year, between his injuries and playing on a team that was completely dismantled and in the early rebuilding phase, the best Rondo could do was collect a check and try not to think about the playoffs. This year, he’s in a similar position with the Celtics, with their 9-14 record screaming mediocrity and another year of missing the playoffs. He’s not happy, and management didn’t want him around, even saying that he was uncoachable and too independent. Rondo, being the competitor he is, can’t sit around during his best years and wait for head coach Brad Stevens to adjust to the NBA’s faster, more demanding style of play.

And the Mavs, well, they’re only getting better. After Chandler Parsons left the Rockets this summer to join Dirk and Devin Harris, as well as landing Tyson Chandler frm the Knicks, Dallas became a lot tougher and added another dimension to their offense.

Rajon Rondo gives the Mavericks a tougher defender, which they desperately need, as they’re damn-near leading the league in points given up per game, and a vocal leader that can dish out 11 assists per game, which he’s currently doing in Boston. If Dallas’s offense is a Ferrari, Boston’s is a Fisher Price Cozy Coupe. Imagine what Rondo can do in Dallas.

Unfortunately the Mavs still have Raymond Felton, who’s $3.7 million salary is the only thing more bloated than his face. But with Rajon Rondo and Devin Harris, the likelihood of Felton ever seeing any meaningful time is incredibly slim.

With Cleveland still figuring themselves out like a middle schooler, it looks like the road to the championship runs through the Western Conference. While Golden State still looks like the team to beat, Dallas will have a much better shot at knocking them out.

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