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Lolo Jones the three time Olympian and social media punching bag has once gain failed to live up to expectations.  Her latest attempt to bring home the trophy was on the hit series Dancing With the Stars. On Tuesday, she became the first celeb to be eliminated from season 19 of DTWS. The Olympian and her partner, newcomer Keo Motsepe, struggled in their big debut on Monday, and after a technical hiccup threw Jones off beat the pair truly never recovered.


Lolo Jones on DWTS

Lolo Jones on DWTS


After the performance she held back tears and kept a straight face but as we all could see she was really broken up over the early season exit. Following the results show elimination, however, she shared her true feelings about the experience, admitting she felt “broken” and “unlovable.”

Lolo After Elimination

“When I was dancing last night and messed up I had flashbacks of the three Olympics that people constantly tease me about,” she wrote. (Jones competed, but did not medal, in track events at the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics, and as a bobsledder in the 2014 Winter Games.) “I thought, ‘Oh no, here it comes again. People are going to ridicule me,'” she added. “I’m so tired of feeling embarrassed.”


Although I will be the first to admit she has said some pretty dumb things on social media, I like so many other felt kind of bad for her. She is no doubt a world class athlete, is very attractive and works extremely hard at her craft.  It is just unfortunate that no matter how hard she tries she just cant get over the hump.

Keep you head up Lolo, losing on a TV show is not the end of the world, losing only makes you stronger. A word to the wise though,  it might be time to start looking for a regular day job.



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