Podcast: Either Kentucky or Louisville fans will be in meltdown mode on Fri
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2 weeks ago


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Kentucky and Miami have now both taken losses to unranked teams.

The Wildcats lost to UCLA.

The Hurricanes lost to New Mexico State.

So here’s the first question I asked Matt Norlander on this episode of the Eye on College Basketball podcast: Which team do you have more questions about right now — Kentucky or Miami? After that, at the 8:15 minute mark, we got into a conversation about the high stakes connected to Friday afternoon’s game between Louisville and Kentucky. The loser will become a three-loss team in possession of zero top-35 KenPom wins. And that’s not ideal for schools with passionate fan bases like Kentucky and Louisville.

Big East play starts Wednesday.

Would you take Villanova or the field to win the league?

We answered that question at the 17:36 mark. And, before we got out, I explained, at the 24:50 mark, what it’s like to spend Christmas Day at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. In a word, stressful. Beautiful and cool for the kids, I guess. But mostly … stressful.

The latest Eye on College Basketball podcast is below.

Give it a listen.

The latest Eye on College Basketball podcast is below.


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